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Pollinize is a creative research and social design studio that uses co- research and design, by cross-pollinating between various disciplines, where art, technology and society meet.

Our leading design principles are based on design for trust, design for empowerment and design for engagement.
Pollinize is about spreading ideas, it develops innovative concepts, original solutions for social change. It brings together, researchers, artists and practitioners, professional and novice by anticipating on social questions and needs, by conducting research, developing digital strategies and advising organizations on the use of technology for social change.



Participatory research and -design, with user generated content, observations, sharing stories, self-documenation

Through co-creation by engaging stakeholders in order to create ownership, responsibility and involvement

Project development within the domains of: art, design (makers)culture, education, sustainability, youth & society


Researching various thematics through collaborative research with communities, stakeholders and users based on dialogue, inclusion, equality and reciprocity.

Creative, participatory and qualitative methodologies are used to develop concepts, design interventions and create content:


  • Storytelling and – writing
  • Visual data collection
  • Design labs
  • Interactive exhibitions


Digital strategies

Developing digital strategies for organizations, advising on social technology usage, concept development and facilitating co-creation processes.

Methodologies such as:

  • Interviews
  • Usage scenarios
  • Co-creation
  • User research


Social design

Pollinize Workshop

Supporting social innovation projects in its initial stages, by conducting pre-research and finding suitable partners. Project coordination is also conducted. Pollinize works within in the domain of art, design, (makers)culture, education, sustainability, youth and society.

  • Pre-research
  • Connecting to suitable partners
  • Project coordination




Opportunities, toolkits & collaborations

Pollinize develops workshops and installations for festivals, and tailor-made (educational) toolkits. Pollinize has a wide network which collaborates regularly with various organizations, the educational sector, designers, researchers, technologists, tinkerers, artists, students, social entrepreneurs, makers, crafts(wo)men, in the Netherlands and India.


Pollinize has been set up by Lipika Bansal.

Lipika is specialized in working in India within the creative industry. She brings fresh ideas to the social arena: cross-overs between sustainable development, culture & technology. 

Stories allow her to work with a combination of local knowledge, text, spoken, art, physical, virtual, audio, video, images, video and interactivity. She enjoys seeking for innovative solutions for troubling situations, making her a lifelong learner hungry for insight & skills. She comes up with creative answers and creates a deeper understanding of present-day issues.

Lipika is social designer, researcher and technology consultant. She applies participatory, qualitative research and design methodologies. She mostly lives in Amsterdam, but spends a good amount of time in India. She has a wide network in the fields of art, education, culture and works with designers, artists, makers, craftsmen and civil society in Europe and India.

Get in touch if you would like to work in India within the creative, cultural sector. 


My thoughts.

Urban harvesting

Last year October 2009 I had my first experience of foraging in the city. Together with Cocky Eek we went to the Erasmuspark and collected (in 45 minutes) 3 kilos of white wild carrots. This whole initiative has been started by Urban Edibles and Urbanibalism. After harvesting various crops they organized a big urban dinner at the W.G. […]