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Pollinize is a social research and design studio that uses creative research and co-design, by cross-pollinating between various disciplines- where art, technology and society meet. It revolves around spreading ideas, developing innovative concepts and original solutions for social change. 

Pollinize brings together, researchers, artists and practitioners, professional and novice by anticipating on social questions and needs, by conducting research, developing digital strategies and advising organizations on the use of technology for social change.






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Project Initiation


Lipika Bansal, the person behind it all. 

Pollinize is the brainchild of Lipika Bansal's efforts. Lipika is researcher, concept developer and technology consultant. She has 10 years of work experience and likes to bring fresh ideas to the social arena. She enjoys seeking for innovative solutions for troubling situations, making her a lifelong learner hungry for insight & skills. She comes up with creative answers and creates a deeper understanding of present-day issues. She usually uses participatory, qualitative research and design methods. She mostly lives in Amsterdam, but spends a good amount of time in India. She has a wide network in the fields of education, culture and civil society in Europe and India.


Check Out this Video

Do you know what Balloon mapping is? 

It is an innovative, participatory and low-cost means to create a running record of events in map form, one that is temporally accurate and easy to share. It is widely used by individuals and groups for a variety of purposes. This video is one such mapping by Pollinize of Khirki Village in New Delhi, India.